FP seals

FP seals combines aluminum base and plastic cover.

The seal base is entirely made of aluminum and guarantee the perfect hermetic sealing of the injectable products in which they are used. The plastic cover is made of injected polypropylene. Facilitates the opening, when completely removed, simply with a finger. Both components are perfectly resistant to autoclave sterilization.

When the plastic cover is removed, a small circumference of the aluminum base is torn, exposing the center of the stopper that will then be pierced with the needle. This tear system makes it impossible to replace the plastic cover, providing absolute certainty that the product was not previously opened.
The FP seals are available in a wide range of colors, in diameters of 13 and 20mm.

All production processes, from raw materials that make the manufacture of capsules, is performed in our plant.

The material used in the manufacture of capsules is an aluminum alloy specially developed for this purpose, domestically manufactured as rolled strip of constant thickness within tight tolerances which makes the product mechanical characteristics also to be constant.

We use in our coating line resins specially developed for aluminum, resistant to autoclaving, ethylene oxide and irradiation sterilization processes.

The stamping is made in automatic presses of high production, with our own moulds. The injection of the plastic cover, with fully automated injection machines. As a last step, we perform the assembly of both components also in a fully automatic way, by thermo-mechanical deformation.

  • Main uses
  • Lyophilized oncological injectables
  • Solid injectable beta-lactam
  • Antihistamines
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostic reagents
  • Blood cultures
All of our processes are developed under strict quality standards.